⇜The Milk Pit⇝

Here you can view my art in full size. Content Warning: Nudity, Gore, Blood.

Frankie Stein (Monster High). 'Untitled' Peridot (Steven Universe)
Zommer (Moshi Monsters) Fantroll (Homestuck) Warren the Eagle (DHMIS)
Bunger! (Bugsnax) Beffica and Floofty (Bugsnax) Chandlo's New Gains (Bugsnax)
Karkat Vantas (Homestuck) Gamzee, Tavros, Sollux, and Terezi (Homestuck)
Comic featuring Snorpy and Chandlo (Bugsnax) The Fizzlebeans (Bugsnax) Filbo Fiddlepie (Bugsnax) Triffany Lottablog (Bugsnax)
Gramble Gigglefunny (Bugsnax) Wambus and Triffany (Bugsnax) Snorpy and Chandlo (Bugsnax)